About the UAGC Writing Center

The UAGC Writing Center is made up of a team of writing-instruction experts.  The Writing Center offers writing tutoring and online tools and resources free to all UAGC students. 

  • Writing-Instruction Experts- The Writing Center team is responsible for creating and maintaining content on this website, providing writing-instruction guidance to faculty course developers, hosting monthly writing workshops, addressing student/faculty/staff questions about Writing Center services, providing ongoing outreach about our supports, and supporting UAGC initiatives around writing. 
  • Website Materials (Writing guides, samples, templates, and video tutorials)- These materials are created and maintained by the Writing Center team. If you have any feedback or suggestions on the content, we'd love to hear from you!
  • Tools & Supports- The following tool and supports are offered through the Writing Center and are provided by our service partners: 
    • Premium Grammarly Subscription- A free subscription is provided to all UAGC students through the Writing Center. Students must sign up for the subscription. Sign-up and use information found at Grammarly
    • Live Writing Tutoring- Writing tutors available online 24/7/365 through the Writing Center tab in every Canvas classroom. 
    • Drop-Off Paper Review- Drop-off paper review service operates 24/7/365 through the Writing Center tab in every Canvas classroom. 

Details on all the UAGC Writing Center tools, resources, and supports can be found on our Student Services page. 

What to Expect When Using Live Writing Tutoring or Paper Review

Can writing tutors help me with research or course concepts?

If you need help finding sources for your assignment, the library can help you with that. If you need help with the subject matter of your assignment, reach out to your instructor. 

Can writing tutors check my paper for plagiarism?

If you need to check your document for plagiarism, Turnitin is the best tool to get a similarity score. Information on Turnitin can be found at Understanding Turnitin.

Can paper reviewers correct my APA formatting and style?

They may point out an APA error, but they do not provide a full APA review. Use live writing tutoring to get help with a review of APA.  

Can the writing tutors edit my paper?

The paper review and live writing tutors can answer questions and make suggestions for revisions needed to organization, topic development, and other larger writing concerns. It is up to you to then apply that feedback to your writing. Use Grammarly to get proofreading for your grammar, punctuation, and spelling.  

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]