In some courses, you will be asked to create a presentation. This might mean you will need to create a visual presentation with a written script.

PowerPoint Presentations

A great way to create a presentation is with the use of Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint will allow you to:

  • Create a professional and engaging layout
  • Add images or videos
  • Include notes for the “script” of your presentation
  • Include academic-style formatting, such as APA or MLA
For more help with using PowerPoint, use the How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation guide.

Recording a Presentation

For other assignments, you might need to also create a recording of a presentation. Making an effective recording requires you to:

  • Use a microphone
  • Use recording software
  • Record the presentation in a good location
  • Review the recording
For more help, use these Tips for Making a Great Presentation.

View a Sample

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Click to download a sample PowerPoint presentation.