As faculty and staff, you might notice a student struggling with grammar, punctuation, meeting assignment expectations, plagiarism, and/or other writing-related concerns. To support these students, you can refer a student to the Writing Center at any time. To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Gather Information. In order to submit a faculty referral, you will need some key information, including the student’s name, email address, course number, assignments he/she is working on, and key issues you see in the student’s writing.
  2. Fill in the Faculty Referral Form. Fill in all required fields on the Faculty Referral Form and click the arrow to submit the referral form. *Limit student needs to 3-4 issues--learning is incremental.

    Image pointing to the submit arrows on the referral form.
  3. Writing Center Sends Email. Once the Writing Center receives your referral, we will send an email to the student with details about the supports that are best suited for their specific writing needs. We will copy you on this email.

Head to UAGC Writing Center @ the CETL for all other resources to assist UAGC online instructors, including:

  • Overview of writing supports and services available to all UAGC students

  • Faculty supports available such as:

    • Available HTML course announcements 

    • Writing & Library guides to provide to students

    • Becoming a Tutoring Ambassador: How Understanding and Leveraging Tutoring Resources Benefits Faculty

    • Personalizing student referrals through Signalz

    • Writing Consultant course-development support