The UAGC Writing Center offers a variety of resources to help students become better writers, and all of our services are free to UAGC students.

Learn when to use which writing support below.

Course Instructor

Your instructor serves as your primary learning support. Contact your instructor via the classroom Inbox to receive the following instructional support:

  • Answers about the course or using Canvas
  • Clarification about an assignment
  • Application of the rubric
  • Understanding grades and feedback
  • Guidance on what learning supports might be most appropriate for your specific needs

Writing & APA Guides/Samples

Writing guides are your go-to resource for detailed information on any writing topic. These should be consulted before using writing tutoring.

Explore the many writing and APA guides to help you with all your writing needs by using the Search bar on this website.

To get you started, explore our Writing Skills Refreshers.

Additionally, explore the Top 10 Writing Guides for your area of study:


Need help proofreading your paper for grammar and punctuation errors? Use this automated program to get instant feedback on identifying and correcting errors.

Grammarly is the best support for grammatical errors. Paper Review and Live Writing Tutoring are less effective for grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

*Access your free premium Grammarly account, by following the link and directions on our Grammarly page. All UAGC students are eligible.

24/7 Writing Tutoring

If you’ve reviewed the writing and APA guides and still have a question, a writing tutor is available to help anytime—24/7/365. Get writing help through chat, an interactive whiteboard, or audio.

This is where you can get direct instruction on a particular writing issue or ask a tutor to review your APA formatting.

Maintaining academic integrity while using tutoring:

  • Do not take your assignment to the session to complete there
  • Do not ask a tutor to edit or complete any part of your assignment
  • Do not ask a tutor to provide you with research sources for your paper

Having an effective tutoring session:

  • Prepare for a tutoring session by creating specific questions for your tutor
  • Work on only 1 or 2 questions or concepts during a single session
  • Limit your session to 30 min. and then work on your own
  • Take notes during the session so you can work on your own after the session

*Access Live Writing Tutoring through the Writing Center link in your course. For more details, visit our 24/7 Writing Tutoring page.

Paper Review

A writing tutor can provide you with general writing feedback to help you revise your writing and develop your writing skills. Turnaround time is within 24 hours.

No feedback is provided on the content of your paper (consult your instructor for this).

Not an editing or proofreading service (use Grammarly for this).

Not an APA service (use the APA guides found on this website for this).

* Access Paper Review through the Writing Center link in your course. To learn how to submit or retrieve your paper, visit our Paper Review page.


Having an issue with one of our services?

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