The Gaining Advanced Writing Skills Refresher is a great way to push your writing skills to the next level and prepare for the many types of writing you’ll be expected to do as you continue your course work and enter your profession. Go through each step below to advance your writing skills.


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Step 1: Developing/Narrowing a Topic

Prepare yourself for developing & narrowing your own topic or research question with this resource:

Step 2: Integrating your Research & Adding your own Academic Voice

This resource will help you add your own ideas and analysis so your research doesn't take over your entire paper:

Step 3: Respond to Opposing Viewpoints

Learn how to respond to opposing arguments within your writing to strengthen your own argument:

Step 4: Analyze rather than Summarize

Learn how analysis is different than summarizing in this resource:

Step 5: Clear, Concise, & Direct Writing

Academic and professional writing is clear, direct, and concise. Improve your writing skills with this resource:

Step 6: How to Make your Writing Flow

Continue to strengthen your writing with these resources: