If it has been a while since you’ve used or reviewed current APA requirements for our university, this module can give you a quick refresher so you feel confident about your APA knowledge. This module will also help you to give consistent and appropriate feedback to students to help them improve their APA formatting.

Go through each lesson to learn more about providing feedback on current APA style.

Watch the following short video on the importance of instructor consistency and how much APA feedback should be given.

  • Review the university's title page requirements within the "Title Page & Headers" section of the Introduction to APA page.
  • Watch the following short video on how to provide students feedback on their title page formatting.
  • Get a quick refresher on APA in-text citations by reviewing our Citing Within Your Paper web page
  • Watch the following short video on citing electronic sources.
  • Refresh your understanding of APA reference citations by reviewing our References List web page.
  • Watch the following short video on formatting reference citations for electronic sources.

Watch the following short video on the differences between MLA and APA, which can help you to determine why some students are making APA errors.

  • Watch the following short video on best practices for providing feedback about APA.
  • Download the following APA Feedback Playbook.  The playbooks offer sample APA feedback that you can use on your student papers.

Complete the practice activity that covers each of the lessons above to get your certificate of completion for this APA Refresher Course. Passing score is 9/10!

APA Refresher Final Activity